• 1994, the Oprah Winfrey Show
  • 1997, the Oprah Winfrey Show
  • 1999: Oprah tries a longer, straight style
  • 2002: Oprah goes short again
  • 2003: Oprah keeps it short, but with some waves
  • 2004: Oprah tries a sexy long, straight coupe.
  • 2005: Oprah's hair is curly now, which gives here a more professional look
  • 2006: The well known Oprah Ponytail
  • 2006: Oprah goes for curly again
  • 2009: Oprah keeps it straight with some big curls on the edges
  • 2010: Oprah at the White House for the Kennedy Center Honors
  • 2011: Oprah uses her well-known pontail again, and it looks great on Oprah
  • 2011: Big waves/Big curls gives Oprah the right hair for her position

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